Stage Plays

Nick began writing for the stage before he turned to radio as his main medium for drama in the mid-1990s.   His body of work includes original drama and innovative adaptations of classic tales including a new adaptation of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” for the Liverpool Playhouse with the late Richard Todd taking on the role of Scrooge.

His early plays – in particular “A bloody English Garden” and “Live and Get By” – focussed on the devastating effect of unemployment and the alienation of youth in the Thatcher era.

He has recently started writing for the stage once more and is working on two plays, one based on the life of legendary punk rocker Joe Strummer and the other on the climbing of the infamous North Face of the Eiger.


Live and Get By “Express’s Live and Get By – premiered in Bristol on its way to Islington’s Old Red Lion – is for the most part a breathlessly brilliant piece of social comment, cleverly written by Nick Fisher, and too well acted ever to look remotely like a cliché.”     David Foot, The Guardian, 31 March  1982
A Bloody English Garden “An English Bloody Garden never forgets it is a play, and makes excellent use of a tight stage and simple set which blossoms as the garden grows.  It is a thoroughly entertaining piece of theatre which also makes you think and see things with new eyes. Top marks to the Bristol Express Company, director Andy Jordon and writer Nick Fisher.”  Tooki Garrett, The Arts Review, Radio West, Bristol, Wednesday 15 May 1985.

 Body of Original Work for the Stage

Title Venue Year
LIVE AND GET BY Old Red Lion – London and Bristol Express Tour 1982
MILTON KEYNES MIRACLE CYCLE – A collaboration with John Rudlin Middleton Hall – Milton Keynes 1984
A BLOODY ENGLISH GARDEN New Vic – Bristol & Bristol Express TourEuropean Premier Dortmund Germany 19851987
OCCUPATION ROCKERS Festival Hall – Corby 1988
THE BALLAD OF JOHNNY REECE Pentabus Theatre – Tour 1988
WIDE-EYES KINGDOM Battersea Arts Centre
THE BEST YEARS Bloomsbury Theatre – London 1990